Alice in Wonderland Show

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Suitable for most Studio Type Theatre Spaces,

A family show suitable for old and young alike.  Goes down equally well with boys and girls.

Minimum 6m width x 5m depth flat stage space with at least 2.5m headroom.

   “...the children, and the mums and dads had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the show”

Emma Housman, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Accompanying Workshops -

Accompaniments to the show can include:


- Question & Answer Session, Showing/Demonstration of the puppets.

- Shadow Puppet Workshops

These can be tailored to age/ability and can include

Puppet Making, Story building, Puppet Performance and Shadow Puppet Music.

-Other types of Puppet workshops available on request.

Workshops for Children & Young People

Toy Theatre

Click Here for Details of our Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre Show

DSC00009 (2)02

Workshops for Children

K.S. 1 & 2 level children will enjoy our shoe-box toy theatre workshop. They will be making their own theatres, individually or in pairs, deciding firstly on a story and then creating characters, scenery and theatre curtain/decorations to fit that story.

Further workshops or follow up work can include:

- Creating Theatre Music and sound effects.

- Lighting effects.

- Voice work and movement to fit character.

- Performing completed shows for an audience.




Workshops for Young People

Toy Theatre workshops for K.S. 3 & Upwards teach all the skills of large scale theatre production in miniature.

Workshops can take the form of:

- Set Design/Model Box creation as an aid to creating full scale shows


- Long term projects working together to create performance level miniature theatre shows.

- Create soundtracks using software such as “Audacity”.

- Design & install miniature lighting rigs or create lighting plans.

- Create artwork, stage effects and movement mechanisms for characters and scenery.

- Skills such as Voice work and Directing will also be included.

A project like this gives a taster of real life theatrical roles and careers. Participants will also learn transferable skills for film making or animation.

Other Workshops for Children & Young People

The above are just examples of the kinds of workshops we can provide.  If you have a specific idea, request or topic you are covering with your Youth Theatre or Children’s Theatre group, please ask.  We have, for example, done a set design workshop concentrating on Musical Theatre for a Theatre Careers Week at Oldham Coliseum Theatre on request. Below are more examples of workshop topics we can do for you.

Puppet Types -

- Bunraku & Bunraku Style

- Rod

- Shadow (Including different techniques and styles from China, India, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey and British).

- Hand/Glove

- String/Marionette

- Finger

- Body



Mask Making -

- Ancient Greek style

- Lecoq

- Commedia dell’ Arte

- Noh

- African

- Chinese Dragon/Lion making



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